Daniel Muela

Passionate about Entrepreneurship, Javascript addict, and CSS lover! I also design mobile applications and enjoy work in UX.


My passion is design, technology and communication. Determined to design and develop great experiences, I spend much of my free time learning about new technologies, methods and trends, always curious and happy to apply new knowledge in small and large projects.


Web & UI

Wireframes & Prototypes

Photoshop, Illustrator & InVision


HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript

PHP, Java, MySQL & Web Services

JQuery, AngularJS & Symfony 2


SEO & Analytics

User Experience

Community Management


Master's degree in Marketing

Present, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua

My ongoing studies are focused on emphasizing the skills to conduct research and market analysis, identify and analyze the different areas of opportunity. In addition, I'm developing my skills in the fields of leadership, innovation, business diagnosis and targeted communication.

Software Engineer

2006 - 2012, Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua

As a student of Software Engineering, I learned about object-oriented programming, database and software architecture. I reinforced my knowledge of web development and design of mobile applications, as well as my ability to work in team on big projects.



My way to become a professional developer began over 10 years ago. Intrigued by the desktop software I developed my first program at age 13. Then my taste for color and communication led me to web design and development. Since that time I focused on developing creative, attractive and innovative solutions. Now, I’m also passionate about developing agile, intuitive and user friendly applications, so I keep learning new and better ways to create the web.
Subaru Panamá
Web sites & brand
Encuentrachihuahua.com Founder.
Currently working on redesigning Laopcion.com.mx, digital news site, which is one of the most important in the state, with over 6 million page views per month.
Aplicación Telehit
Web apps and API's integration
I worked as Freelancer for big companies such as Televisa and Telehit, developing applications for Facebook.

Front-End Developer at Rewards.to

I was fortunate to be part of this StartUp, in which I served as a Front-End Developer, designing and developing a new modern interface, an application built for Windows 8 and working in the creative and marketing area.

Rewards.to help companies save time and money by crowdsourcing their sell and hiring forces to social network users. In 2012, we were selected by FUMEC and Microsoft México as one of the 10 projects to be promoted internationally.
Windows 8 App
Design and developed the application for Windows 8.
Windows 8 Search Page
This is how the home and search page looks in Windows 8

Lead Developer and Design at Rock3rs

In 2013 I joined Rock3rs as lead developer and web design. I am responsible for the design and development of all web projects. I get involved in all major decisions and I lead a group of designers from around the world.

ROCK3RS is a NYC design studio that helps shape and transform brands and businesses through digital, print and spatial experiences. Whether you are repositioning, refreshing, reinvigorating or launching a new brand, we rock ideas with our clients to get to the essence of their vision and execute elegant solutions through our diverse experiences.

Partner and Lead Developer at Folklore

En 2014 me asocio con la agencia de Marketing Digital Folklore y generamos la división Folklore “Fabrica de Software” dedicada al diseño y desarrollo de aplicaciones web/móviles enfocada en el desarrollo de emprendimientos innovadores que cambien la forma en como los usuarios trabajan, viven y socializan.

Mi participación consiste en preparar y organizar el equipo de desarrollo que participa de forma activa en la concepción, evaluación, diseño, implementación y evolución de nuevas plataformas. ¡Espera pronto muchas noticias de nuestros próximos lanzamientos!